Can The Best Skin Care For Men Get Any Easier?


For years, marketing stereotypes made us believe that skin care was a “girly” thing, and that men were basically only going to use a face wash and maybe moisturizer. The Wolf Project founders Francesco and Benjamin believed that this current way of doing skin care, on top of being a huge hassle, was not even that good. They saw an opportunity to fix skin care for men, not by launching the same kind of products with just a different pack, but by brining a new product to the men category.


Look around the skin care brands you know. L’Oréal For Men, Nivea For Men, Biotherm For Men, Lab Series…all have the same range of products. Despite being the biggest skin care manufacturers in the world, they were never able to fix the fundamental issue that men see today: skin care is a frustrating process. Knowing where to start is already tricky, what skin type, how many products… it takes time and the payout is honestly not there. The Wolf Project founders recognized this widespread frustration as an opportunity to start a company focused on bringing the best of skin care, simpler.


Face masks are amazing because in just one use the skin will feel more moisturized, radiant and pure. This is thanks to the hydration-boosting sheet mask, made by Bamboo Charcoal sheet soaked with their exclusive complex of 10 natural herbs. In just 15 minutes it helps restore skin's balance of vitality, resilience, regeneration and nourishment. By penetrating deep into the layers of the skin, it improves skin's natural radiance and hydration, fighting against the signs of aging.

With such a great solution to get perfect skin in one simple step, it’s no wonder that The Wolf Project is having a huge early success!

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