the story starts here...

We are a cutting-edge skincare brand dedicated to changing masculinity as we know it.

Too often we, men, are held back by stereotypes of what a “real man” can do or should be. We want to break these paradigms, free men from historical and societal barriers, and help them move forward.

By starting conversations about male self-care, our goal is to help men all over the world unleash their full potential.

Our Vision

When the idea for Wolf Project was born, we envisioned a world where all men could assert their own progressive vision of masculinity. Day by day, we are working towards that reality.

We want a world where men can dream, create, grow and change— where health and wellness walk hand in hand with adrenaline and  adventure.

Who we stand for

We stand for male-identifying individuals of all races, backgrounds, ethnicities and skin types, who work hard, live passionately and prioritize their health.

Our manifesto

We were born with a need to dare, to push. To fuel the fire in our hearts. To seek adventure, knowledge, success.

We pledge to take this spirit and use it for good— to challenge ourselves to be better; best. Along the way, we will leave the world a more positive place, by boosting those around us and inspiring a wave of change.

It’s time to embrace the wild in each of us. It’s time to spark a movement.