How do Eye Masks help with Dark Circles and Puffiness?

You’ve heard it many times: Eye masks hold the key to fighting those dreaded dark circles and under-eye bags. 

But if you’re analytical like us, you’re always left wondering— how? What can two little black patches possibly do to erase the effects of stress and sleepless nights?

We’re here to explain. The under-eye area contains lymph nodes, a unique trait that means excess water can accumulate there for a variety of reasons. Covered by only a thin layer of skin, that liquid can start to bulge out, creating the annoying, baggy effect.

To combat that phenomenon, our eye masks contain powerful ingredients that help soften (niacinamide), brighten (caffeine), and hydrate (glycerin). Combined with other key components like vitamin C and peptides, the serum becomes an unstoppable cocktail that makes dark circles head for the hills. The result? A refreshed, rested-looking you.

Just 10-15 minutes a day, once or twice a week is enough to start seeing a difference, so click the following link to grab yours before everyone else catches on. You won’t believe your (under) eyes!

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