Men's Wrinkles? Let's Talk About It.

So you woke up one morning, looked in the mirror, and noticed a few more of those deep lines on your face than you remembered.
Yes, it happens to the best of us, and we’ve tried to deny them, ignore them and wish them away. “Men don’t talk about wrinkles,” we said, and “if we pretend we didn’t see them, maybe they’ll disappear?”

Neither of those statements are accurate. 

Despite the fact that wrinkle treatments have been marketed to women for decades, men get wrinkles, too.

In fact, a recent
study on hundreds of men and women concluded that men's wrinkles manifest earlier in life and tend to be more severe— especially in that pesky forehead area. That was news to us!

Here at Wolf Project, it’s more than okay to talk about wrinkles. After all, the first step is recognizing those facial lines for what they are— normal signs of aging that can be minimized with the right treatments.
Experts agree that a daily skincare routine is one of the best ways to increase skin regeneration, promoting elasticity and smoothness and making it hard for wrinkles to set in. 

That’s where we can help: Our
Anti-Aging System contains the perfect blend of ingredients to boost the health and youthfulness of your skin. Between the face masks, under-eye boosters, cleanser and aqua gel, you’ll have a full set of tools to start turning back the clock. 

If you want to go further (we totally get it!) some additional ways to mitigate wrinkles have to do with eliminating the factors that cause them. Smoking, pollution, poor nutrition and prolonged sun exposure are major contributors that we have the power to change. Hormones like testosterone, which naturally diminishes as we get older, can also play a part— and can be remedied with hormone replacement therapy. While genetics are a piece of the puzzle that we have less control over, healthy habits can certainly keep us looking and feeling younger, longer. 

In your quest for everlasting youth, remember to be kind to yourself. Getting older is a
good thing, bringing wisdom and rich experiences to your life. Let’s just help you keep those years from announcing themselves to everyone else. 

When men meet skincare

Our mission is to empower men to discover a new level of self-care. We believe in a progressive vision of masculinity, projected into the future and breaking stereotypes.