The $25 mask sheet that finally made men upgrade their self-care routine

The Buzz around Wolf Project

Wolf Project was created by two guys that discovered the magic of Asian skin care. Combining years of marketing, beauty and ecommerce expertise, the idea of this duo was to create a high-end skin care brand for men that would make men enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of advanced skin care. The products are designed in Switzerland, where the brand is based, and crafted by the best Korean laboratories in Seoul.

The Magical Product

The original Deep Hydration Face Mask is the first hydrating face mask sheet specifically designed for men. Its bamboo charcoal sheet is soaked with a highly effective hydrating serum, leaving men's skin feeling more radiant, softer… simply younger looking. Wolf Project also has a face foaming cleanser and hydrating lotion, both with a fresh woody fragrance with notes of pine, aloeswood and white sandal. The invigorating scent is also what makes Wolf Project products enjoyable and refreshing.

What makes THIS mask so good?

The mask experience just can’t be compared to a basic skin care routine. This is a whole different level of hydration and glow, for those who truly want to look and feel their best. In just 15 minutes men finally can get a week worth of skin care goodness, it’s simply effective and super-efficient. There are some other face masks that claim to be for men, but actually they are just female products with a manly packaging… it doesn’t cut it! Wolf Project figured that men want a mask that grips best, absorbs fast, leaves basically no residues on the skin and that works wonders. This is the holy grail of men skin care. Don’t trust us? Read the reviews on the website!

The Verdict: 5 stars

Whether you are a man of a woman looking for the perfect gift for your man, you’ll love Wolf Project. It takes men’s grooming to the next level. Order the box set for only $54.50, a steal to get the product trio.

When men meet skincare

Our mission is to empower men to discover a new level of self-care. We believe in a progressive vision of masculinity, projected into the future and breaking stereotypes.